StrategiesToOnboardNewEmployeesHiring temporary employees makes sense in a lot of cases, and according to USA Today, two percent of the workforce is classified as temporary workers. The only problem is that onboarding these employees is different than onboarding permanent workers, which can lead to challenges. But by implementing the right strategies, you can make the process as seamless as possible.

Provide Orientation

Even though temporary employees won’t be there long term, providing them with a new-hire orientation is a good idea. The program doesn’t necessarily need to be as extensive as it would be for full-time employees, but covering the basics should prove beneficial. Some things you may want to cover during orientation include:

  • The specific role of temporary staff
  • What their duties will be
  • The philosophy of your company and what you stand for
  • Your expectations
  • Who they will report to and who to contact for questions

Provide Adequate Training

Learning a new job and adapting to company culture can seem overwhelming. That’s why it’s helpful to offer the proper training needed for temporary employees to thrive. For a manufacturing position, you may need to train workers on how to start and stop equipment, ensure products meet specifications and how to clean the production area. While it may not be necessary to cover every last detail, employees should know how to perform their jobs comfortably. Even spending a few hours on training will make their integration easier, improve productivity and save you time later on.

Offer a Partner

During the initial phases, it’s smart to partner a temporary worker with a seasoned and knowledgeable full-time worker. This should make the process less intimidating and ensure that someone is available to lend a helping hand. Having a partner can also help temporary employees acclimate to company culture and create a more unified team environment in general.

Don’t Overwhelm Temps

You should also avoid throwing too much at these workers if at all possible. Regardless of their level of knowledge and expertise, it can be difficult absorbing a barrage of information all at once. That’s why it’s usually best to ease temporary employees into their jobs and not bog them down with extra work.

Bringing in workers on a temporary basis in East Central Ohio can be advantageous to your business. By an effective onboarding process, you can make the transition smoother and maximize your productivity. Just remember to keep these things in mind.

  • Offer some type of new-hire orientation
  • Create a training program for temps
  • Give them a partner if you can
  • Don’t give them more than they can handle

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