Nearly every employer wants to make their company more productive. Besides operations running smoothly, having a productive workplace means a higher output and ultimately larger profit margins. Here are some specific strategies for management to help encourage workers to be more productive in their efforts.

Set Priorities

To optimize manpower, it’s important to determine what’s most important and what’s not as important. In a manufacturing setting in East Central Ohio, it might be your priority to feed items onto equipment for processing and unload them from machines. Doing more minor tasks like cleaning the production area might take a back seat and be less of a priority. Management should set priorities every day to ensure that employees focus on what’s most beneficial to your company and make the best use of their time.

Set Clear Expectations

If management isn’t on the same page with workers, misunderstandings are inevitable. That’s why it’s necessary for management to make it clear what employees are responsible for and to never be ambiguous. Going back to the manufacturing example, you might want an employee to produce X units per hour and X units per day. This would be much more effective than saying “produce as many as you can.”

Minimize Formal Meetings

According to The Next Web, “there are an estimated 11 million meetings every day in the US alone, with 37 percent starting late due to tardiness. In fact, some estimates predict we waste up to $37 billion in unproductive meetings per year.” If you’re constantly holding formal meetings, then it’s likely to be hurting your productivity and eating away at your profit margins.

That’s why you should limit meetings to a maximum of 30 minutes and have a specific list of topics to cover. When it comes to the little things, try to have management speak with employees one on one or send emails to streamline communication.

Praise Good Performance

Almost everyone wants to be appreciated for a job well done. Taking the time to acknowledge employee accomplishments is beneficial because it shows that they’re valued and that good performance doesn’t go unnoticed. If you’ve got the budget, you may also want to offer rewards like gift cards for employees who go above and beyond what’s expected of them.

This should allow you to build better rapport between employees and management. In many cases, this will translate into more effort and a genuine desire for workers to give it their all.

Key Takeaways

  • Productivity plays a huge role in the success of a business.
  • Prioritizing tasks and setting clear expectations should keep employees on the right track.
  • It’s smart to keep useless meetings to a minimum and find an efficient form of communication.
  • Letting employees know that they’re valued is extremely beneficial.

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