There are many traits that the ideal manufacturing employee will possess – and one of the most important is reliability. Before hiring a candidate, you need to know that they’ll show up for their shifts on time, not be excessively absent and be accountable for their actions. An effective way to determine reliability is to ask some key questions during an interview. Here are some questions that should shed light on whether a job candidate is reliable or not.

What has your attendance record been like in previous positions?

If a candidate has a track record of consistently showing up to their job and are only absent a handful of days each year, then it’s a good sign that they’ll be a reliable employee. On the other, if they call out on a regular basis, then it’s probably not someone you’ll want to hire.    

What would you consider to be excessive absenteeism?

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, anything over one sick day per month or 12 days a year is typically regarded as excessive absenteeism. In turn, a reliable employee will consider anything over this threshold to be excessive.

How often are you late?

Tardiness can be a real productivity killer in a manufacturing setting. Inquiring into how often a person is late should give you an idea as to whether or not they’re someone worth hiring and if you can count on them to show up on time for their shifts.

What would you do if your workday ends before you’ve finished a critical task?

A reliable employee will be able to make an occasional sacrifice to stay behind and work until the task is finished. On the other hand, a less reliable employee will have other priorities and is unlikely to finish the task.

Where do you see yourself one year? In three years?

In most cases, you’ll want to find employees who are dedicated and in it for the long haul rather than individuals who are just using your company as a stepping-stone. An ideal candidate will see themselves still working for you in a year and potentially still working for you in three. Even if it’s on a temporary basis, a reliable employee will probably be looking to get their foot in the door for a permanent position.

By asking one or more of these interview questions, you should be able to gauge a candidate’s reliability fairly well and determine if they’re someone worth hiring. For assistance with finding reliable employees and other staffing solutions, please contact us today.


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