When it comes to job searching during the holidays, many people are reluctant because of the perceived difficulty involved with the process. Because of the myth that employers simply aren’t hiring at this time of year, it’s common for individuals to postpone their job search until after the new year. But in reality, there are plenty of opportunities during the holidays – and here are four reasons why you shouldn’t stall your job search.  

1) Minimal Competition

First and foremost, you can use the perception that it’s hard to find a job to your advantage. Because many people don’t dare put in applications at this time, you’re likely to get significantly more attention than if you wait until the new year when job searches are more frequent. When other people are slacking off and lying low, you can kick your job search into overdrive and stand a much better chance of landing an interview.

2) Networking Opportunities Abound

The holiday season is a time where there’s an abundance of parties and get-togethers where people are celebrating. This makes it a perfect time to network with friends and family and meet other people who could potentially serve as great resources for finding a job. It’s also an excellent time to make contact with previous contacts and colleagues to see if they know of any opportunities. While you don’t want to badger people and make your job search the sole reason for making contact, casually asking them for job leads could prove fruitful.    

3) Temp Jobs are Easy to Find

Many companies are in dire need of temporary workers during the holiday season to keep up with customer demand. In turn, this is an ideal time of year to search for a temp position and get your foot in the door. The good news about temporary jobs is that many end up turning into long-term positions. In fact, a study from CareerBuilder found that “56 percent of employers plan to transition temporary or contract workers into full-time permanent roles.” So with any luck, you will end up being brought on for the long run.  

4) Many Companies Have an Increased Budget

In many cases, companies will end up with higher than usual profits and a surplus budget at the end of the year. This means that they must choose an effective way to spend this money, which often translates into making new hires. By coming along at this time and putting yourself ahead of the bulk of the competition, you may just end up landing a job.

While searching for a job during the holidays may seem counterintuitive to some, it can actually be the perfect time when you consider all of the advantages. And with enough effort, there’s no reason you can’t land a great job. If you’re looking for work, we can help you with your job search. Contact us today for more information.


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