LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking platforms and is specifically designed for business purposes. As of late 2015, there were 400 million users worldwide and 107 million in the U.S. As a manufacturing employee, it’s a smart move to create a LinkedIn profile and become active on this network because it can expedite your job search and unlock opportunities that may be unavailable otherwise. Here are some specific benefits of creating a complete profile and how LinkedIn can help you stand out as a job seeker.

Demonstrate Your Experience and Skills

By filling out your profile in its entirety, this basically acts as an online resume where you can showcase your unique experience in the manufacturing industry and point out the specific skills you have. In turn, this is an effective way to build your credibility and prove why you would make a great employee.

You can think of it as a resume with a lot of extra information that paints a clear picture of what you bring to the table. A nice feature of LinkedIn is that other people can recommend or endorse you, which can be an effective way to get your foot in the door with employers.

Connect with Other Professionals

Making connections on this network is easy. You can add existing contacts, find old friends, join LinkedIn groups, and much more to quickly build your network. This is beneficial because it serves as a way to reestablish old relationships or build new ones that simply wouldn’t be possible without a platform such as this. That way, others can keep you in the loop and can potentially point out job leads.

Get Found By Employers

Due to the massive volume of employers who use this site, it’s relatively easy to catch the attention of companies who are looking to hire. Oftentimes, they’ll search for professional employees who have the knowledge and skills they’re looking for and can come across your profile.

Also, you can sometimes apply directly to manufacturing positions in East Central Ohio on LinkedIn. This saves you time because employers can conveniently check out your profile, and you won’t have to spend time filling out a lengthy application.

By making the effort to complete a LinkedIn profile, you can open a lot of doors for manufacturing positions. With any luck, you’ll find the job you’re looking for, while at the same time building your network. If you’re unsure of how to fill out a profile, this list will give you some great examples.

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