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Is Taking a Promotion the Right Move … or a Move in the Wrong Direction?

Being offered a promotion is usually a welcome and exciting reward for a job well done – usually, but not always. Sometimes, it’s not so welcome and you’d rather keep the job you have. How will you know? Let’s look at some different cases.

You might love your current role and the sense of accomplishment it brings, for example, or have a great relationship with your manager and your team and really want to maintain the status quo.

The new job might come with management responsibilities and time commitments that you don’t want to take on, or represents a move away from your professional goals and in the wrong direction for your career path.

There’s also the possibility that the promotion would be the best possible thing for your career and your family, but you lack the confidence to take it. In this case, turning down the opportunity could be a big mistake.

Before you accept or decline the offer, here’s how to tell if a promotion is a smart step to take.

    Assess your goals.
    You’re not going to know if the promotion is the right move if you don’t have specific, personal objectives and goals in mind. Start by ranking the top three things that you’re looking for in any position that you might take. The development of this career compass will help guide you in the decision-making process.

    It’s also important to identify your skills and the skills that you may want to sharpen. By using self-assessment tools such as Strengthsfinder, you can figure out if the promotion plays to your talents and abilities.

    Broker the terms.
    What’s best for the business might not always align with what’s best for your future. Take this opportunity to see if you can mold the new role more to your liking. Make a list of what you currently enjoy about your position and what you would like to change or eliminate, and discuss this with your manager. Understand that this will not likely be a one-time, easy conversation. If your boss is open to the idea of fine-tuning the position, it might make the promotion more attractive. And then everyone wins.

You should take some time to figure out how well the new role fits into your own plans. Within a well-reasoned conversation, any sensible boss will come to understand your decision to either accept the promotion or stay in your current role.

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