Selection Process

Shannon Staffing uses a proven five-step process to insure that your staffing solution is the best match for both the client and our employee.

  1. Conversation – This is your opportunity to tell us exactly what you want to accomplish and for us to learn more about you and your company.  At some point your Solutions Manager may want to make an on-site visit to learn even more about your specific location.
  2. Employee Evaluation – Each employee undergoes an extensive assessment process that may include skills testing, interview, reference check, drug screening and client-specific evaluations and orientation.  Combined with the information you have given us about the assignment, this helps to insure our employee will hit the ground running from day one of the assignment.
  3. Assignment Request – To serve the needs of our staffing partners and to remain responsive to your needs, we are available 24/7 to handle emergency situations and other issues that may need after-hours attention.
  4. Quality Control – We tailor client contact to client needs and conduct initial day calls and weekly check in at your request.  We also encourage the client and employee to complete evaluations at the completion of each assignment.
  5. Lifetime Performance Guarantee – At any time during an assignment should you not be satisfied with an employee’s documented on-the-job performance, and your account is up to date, simply send us written notification.  You will not be charged for the employees final four hours nor the replacement’s initial four hours.

In East Central Ohio, business works with Shannon Staffing and has for nearly 30 years.
We are YOUR Human Resource.