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You have options to combat new expenses linked to health reform!

Retiree Health Exchanges
You have the option to change your retiree health plans to save money. New hires may no longer be offered retiree health plans in 2012. Instead employers would give the employee money to buy coverage through health

Dependents are now covered to age 26. This is show ing to be a large burden on employers to now cover the influx of dependents who qualify. To cover the rising cost, some employers are considering raising the employee contribution per dependent. Another option is to add a surcharge on “ineligible” spouses who have access to health insurance through their own job but refuse it to be added.

Reward Good Health
There are proven benefits to offering employees voluntary disease management, smoking cessation, or weight loss programs. Your insurance provider can assist you in this and the Health Department has many programs that will assist employers and employees. Some companies are also getting more involved with helping employees manage their health care costs by restructuring benefit plans to offer more coverage to employees who pick providers with higher performance scores.

Healthcare costs are on the rise, how will your company manage?

For more information on these options, you should contact a reputable coverage provider. And, contact Shannon Staffing for all of your staffing and human resources needs.

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