Even with all the hype about job boards and social networking, a well written resume is STILL the best tool available for your job search. An effective resume does more than just help get you that all important interview. Your well written resume helps make you more effective during the actual interview.

Each resume should be tailored to each position individual position. Your resume must grab the interviewer’s attention in a matter of seconds. Now is the time to make the investment and effort to ensure that your resume gets you the interview.

1. Your resume should be the “right” length. What is that? Well there is no hard fast answer but normally if you have less than five years of experience you resume will be one page; possibly two pages if you have more experience and never three or more pages.

2. Your resume should tell the employers what you can do for them by describing accomplishments, not just a job description

3. You should include an objective. Don’t make the employer guess what position you are looking for. Each position deserves a separate resume.

4. Include enough information so that the employer will know the scope of your responsibilities.

5. Be specific. Include dollars, numbers, and percentages.

6. Proofread your resume and have someone else proofread it as well. Typos are resume killers.

7. Regardless of the format, your resume should be balanced and easy to read.

8. Personal information does not belong in a resume. Hobbies may be included if they support your objectives and qualifications.

9. Now is not the time to be modest, but never, ever lie on your resume. You will be found out.

10. Sure mailing resumes is still acceptable but you may also be asked to apply on line. You should have a text only version of your resume for this purpose.

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