Benefits of Building a Diverse Workforce
By Rachel Woods

When defining a diverse workforce, it is important to know that this includes people of different age, race, sex, ethics, and culture. The United States is known as a melting pot of many cultures which makes it unique as a nation; the U.S. does not have an identity of its own, but rather contains characteristics of every culture found in its people. This is pertinent to know when staffing a company because each company needs to find a way to be able to serve each culture. Diversity in the workplace allows a company to relate to people in cultures outside of its original target market and each worker brings a different perspective which can be utilized in promotions and variety of services. Every customer is different and in order to account for the many types of people each company may serve it needs to be able to relate to their individual needs and desires. Forbes quotes that companies with a more diverse workforce often outperform their rivals. In order to remain competitive, companies need to be able to reach every group of people that they can and all of that starts with having the diverse knowledge which individuals carry.
It also important in this day and age to recognize the issues facing each group in order to not offend or be ignorant to the differences that make each culture, sex, or race special. By building a diverse workforce, companies are able to educate themselves on the various issues and be sensitive to them in order to avoid controversy which can be detrimental to their business. Goldsmith, the Chief People Officer for Workday, writes for Forbes, “In the old days, companies typically tried to meet their workforce diversity goals just to stay out of trouble. Then they got smart. They realized that be making diversity and inclusion a priority, they could build better brands, create better products, and ultimately increase business performance.”

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