How a Placement Agency Can Help You Find a Good Job
By Rachel Woods
The job hunt is an incredibly stressful process and it has become even more difficult as companies have begun using automated systems to narrow the candidate pool. It can become frustrating as application after application is rejected before a human even sees it. Even if the application gets through to the HR department, there are so many candidates for the one position that it becomes impossible to rise to the top. This is a problem that recent graduates, those who have been laid off, and people looking for a job change all experience: the head ache that comes from trying to find a job on their own. Here is where a placement agency comes in.
Many companies have short term needs either due to seasonality, large contracts, or government work; things they are hesitant to hire long-term employees for especially if they do not work out. Companies pay the placement firm to find workers willing to work for a specific duration. Therefore, the companies do not deal with the hassle to find a short-term employee and outsource to a placement agency to do the work. People seeking employment should consider using a placement agency to help them find a job for many reasons.
One of the first benefits these agencies have is access to a larger network of companies that they are placing candidates at. They can find so many more jobs than you can on your own. When people talking about finding every open door, the agencies know about all the possible ones and will help you find them. Placement agencies are in the business of finding jobs, so let them do the hard part!
Once the agency has placed a candidate at a job, this employee has a chance to test drive a position and a company. They can observe the politics, the culture, and the management style and decide if the environment is suitable to work in. Since the positions filled by placement agencies are usually short-term, this is a great way for employees to see different companies and the aforementioned aspects without any commitment. If the company is not a good fit, then the employee can be moved to a different job with minimal reputation damage to the employee or the company. Many people hope that once an employee has proven their worth through their temporary position the company might decide to hire them for a full-time job while others continue to use placement agencies for a long career in short term work. Many people hired through a placement agency are later hired by the employer once their contracts ended.
There are many placement agencies of various reputations that fill a variety of jobs fields: from maid service through highly technical specializations. No career is out of reach for these agencies as they have connections for any job people want. This can be especially helpful for recent graduates who have extremely specific degrees or those who have overly general degrees, a placement agency may be the best way to find a position.
The pay is also typically quite good because these companies desperately need someone to fill the position, but the employee will not experience all the benefits the company offers their full-time employees. Most placement firms offer benefits to their candidates in order to supplement what they do not receive through a company. This way you do not have to worry about paying for your own benefits while working part-time through the placement agencies.
A placement agency is a great option for anyone who has struggled finding a full-time position, trying to find a company that is a good fit, or someone looking to always be challenged by a new job and new environment. They can be your ticket to finding a great job or the chance to experience numerous good positions.

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