Q: I’m Frustrated at Work. Should I Leave My Job?
A: It Depends.

In today’s low-unemployment environment, employees and candidates have a better shot at finding a great match with employers than times when there are fewer unfilled positions and many candidates vying for that same coveted slot.

Before making this key decision, ask:

  • What are the key attributes that drew me to my current employer? Do these still hold true, and are there still key reasons to stay?
  • Can you work with your manager or supervisor to adjust those aspects of your job that create tension or disappointment?
  • Are you gaining valuable experience in your current position that will help you later in your career? Are those same opportunities available elsewhere?
  • Is the grass truly greener on the other side? Have you considered not just base compensation but benefits, incentives, workplace culture, flexibility, upward mobility, working hours and location/commute?

If — after serious consideration — you’ve decided that you do need to make such a change, reach out to us at Shannon Staffing. We’ve helped match thousands of people to hundreds of growing organizations throughout Central Ohio. Working Together. Building Futures.

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