You may think nothing really happens during the summer. Chances are, it’s a time of year when your social schedule is packed. But, your professional life? Well, that seems a little slow. But … should it be?
Out of Office
Order levels and production schedules are lower because major clients are on vacation or on shutdown. The office is more quiet thanks to the various vacations your colleagues have planned. Your meetings often get moved from the impersonal conference room to a sunny outdoor patio at a local coffee shop. Your to-do list gets abandoned a little early on Friday afternoon in favor of escaping your desk and enjoying the weather.

For reasons just like those, many people operate with the assumption that summer is an awful time to job search, thinking that companies put a pause on hiring for those warmer months.

But, is that actually true? Does hiring really slow down in the summer?

Absolutely not!

The truth is that recruiters and hiring managers do not get their summers off, and companies do not stop their operations. Summer is a great time for a job search, so right now is as good a time as any to continue looking for your next role.

In fact, if the following four reasons are any evidence, this could actually be the best time to keep your search moving.

  • 1. Less Competition

  • Less Competition
    If everybody automatically assumes it’s an awful time to apply for an open position, you’ll have less people submitting their resumes during that time. And, when standing out from the competition can be a huge challenge to overcome, the less resumes they have in that pile, the better your chances will be!

    So, keep tailoring your resume and polishing your cover letter—even when you think everyone else is taking a break. While they’re planning their next vacations, you’ll be planning your next career move.

  • 2. Hiring Managers Are Often Less Busy

  • Yes, you’re bound to encounter a few out-of-office emails from hiring managers (yes, they are entitled to vacations too!). But, during their normal working hours they are often less busy, which leaves more time to sort through applicants.

    Many candidates can benefit from summer hiring, because hiring managers are not bogged down with end-of-the-year projects. The less that the hiring manager has on her plate means the more time and attention she can give to filling any open positions. This means your application stands a better chance of being reviewed somewhat promptly.

  • 3. Easier to Ask for Time Off

  • You’re excited that you’ve landed an interview, but then you wonder, “How will I explain my absence to my boss?”

    Candidates may have an easier time requesting time off to interview, because summer PTO is expected and common. Continuing your job search now means you’ll be able to cut out in the middle of a weekday afternoon—without setting off any alarms.

  • 4. Networking Contacts are More Willing to Meet

  • Networking
    Your network will always be a huge asset to you when searching for a job.

    From informational interviews to informal coffee chats, people are often looking for any sort of excuse to get out of the office during the summer—especially in August, when everything feels extra slow.

    So, your request to get together with a new contact or an old colleague will feel less like a burden and more like a welcomed opportunity. This means you’ll have a much easier time forging some relationships and expanding your network of professional connections.

Hiring managers are looking for top talent now. If they have any opening, they do NOT wait to hire. So, rather than taking a hiatus, continue to dedicate yourself to the job-hunting process so that your career can heat up right along with the weather.

(written by: Whitney)

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