What can you save the most of when working with a staffing agency? Money!

Saving Money by Using a Staffing Agency


Your first thought when you read that was probably along the lines of, “But how am I *saving* money when I have to pay the staffing agency more than what I pay the employee directly (and still meet market levels of compensation to attract solid talent)?”


Hiring a New Employee Costs More than Just a Salary

Your total costs as an employer go WELL BEYOND the specific wages or salary that you agree to pay directly to an employee! Think about all of the steps you take to get to the point of hiring someone and then what happens afterwards … all of that COSTS you money.


There are (1) advertising costs, (2) time (which equals money!) that your staff members take to review applications, interview candidates, perform internal assessments, and track applicants, (3) third-party testing, evaluations, background checks and assessments, (4) staff time needed to manage and perform new-hire orientation and training, and (5) (of course) all the fun things like benefits and insurance, workers compensation, Federal and state unemployment, Social Security/Medicare/OASDI, and other mandated additional payroll-related costs which must be paid by all employers.


Multiple Steps and Costs Outsourced to the Staffing Agency

When you work with a qualified and reliable staffing agency, you are cutting out all of those costly and time-consuming steps and placing these squarely on the broad shoulders of your staffing-and-recruiting partner. We specialize in evaluation, hiring, recruitment and other HR tasks. We do all of the pre-employment work for you, including things like background checks and drug screenings. For those who are temporary employees (who therefore get listed on OUR payroll roster as the employer of record), we perform the traditional on-the-job activities like payroll processing, legal and records-keeping compliance, disciplinary action, and taking care of worksite injuries. And if that stellar employee we sent you doesn’t work out, or you have a reduction-in-force to make, we handle the unemployment claims, including payment, and work diligently to find the affected employee their next role.


Converting an Employee into Regular Employee Status

Staffing agencies can be very flexible when it comes to the types of employees and the hiring process. Should you get sent someone that you really like, there is always the option of hiring them onto your roster. Staffing agencies can also find “direct hires” to add to your core team, which is especially helpful for specialty roles and hard-to-fill positions.


If you’ve ever had any questions about what it means to work with a staffing-and-recruiting agency, we would be more than happy to talk with you. No pressure, no sales gimmicks. Just a candid conversation about how to better your business and support your Profitable Growth.


(written by: Crystal)

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