Congratulations to the class of 2022, both high school and college, soon-to-be graduates!

This is such an exciting time as you ponder, “What next?”


Some people are fortunate enough to know exactly what their next step will be, whether that is furthering their education or venturing into the work force. For a lot of students, the future is full of the unknown and generally uncertain. This can cause a lot of stress and worry, feeling like you need to have it all mapped out with a clear-cut path to follow. Ask any older person and you will certainly hear that a straight-and-narrow path in life or in your career is never the case!


If you’re finding yourself at a crossroads of not knowing which path to follow, consider trying different lines of work. A great way to do this is to talk with a recruiting specialist, which can be found at most staffing agencies. Staffing agencies, unless specialized, work with a wide variety of companies and can place you into a variety of positions. The benefit to you is the opportunity to speak with someone versed in being able to have a conversation with someone like yourself, figuring out your strong suits, and helping you find work for which the recruiter feels you are best suited. Depending on your skill set, you may also be able to try out a variety of different positions, which will help you determine what you do — and, equally important, do not — like.



When approaching a staffing specialist, remember to remain open-minded and, very importantly, honest with them and with yourself.
If you know you are not a night person, don’t accept third-shift positions (e.g., 12 midnight to 8 am). If you have no computer skills, do not accept a position that requires this. But if you are unsure, try it out! If you get put in a position that, after a while, you feel you are not best suited for, communicate this with your staffing specialist and ask about placement elsewhere. A good specialist will know that by keeping you somewhere that you are unhappy, they are not helping you nor the company at which you are placed. If you exhibit stellar employee behavior (i.e., good attendance, work ethic, and attitude), the staffing firm will be happy to have you finish a notice with the company and then place you elsewhere.


The future can be scary, especially in these times. But there are people willing to help you navigate your future and get you headed down the right path…. or at least a path that is “right for you, for right now.” Shannon Staffing wishes you nothing but the best in your future endeavors and would like to remind you that we are always here to help encourage and support you.

Again, congratulations to the class of 2022!

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