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Drowsy workers are susceptible to mistakes and injuries. It’s important that individuals get restful sleep, in order to remain happy, healthy and productive, not just at work but in all aspects of life. There are certain things that you should avoid doing to promote the healthy habit of getting restful sleep. Your eating, drinking and technology habits could be keeping you from a good night’s sleep.


In an interview on, Dr. Craig Canapari, a pulmonologist and director of the Yale Pediatric Sleep Center, offers some helpful hints. If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed or falling asleep only to wake up again a few hours later, setting a few bedtime rules might help, Dr. Canapari says.


To start, have a consistent bedtime that allows enough time to get a full night’s sleep — plus a solid amount of buffer time to doze off.


Keep technology out of the bedroom to protect your sleep. Looking at the light from your phone or tablet can affect melatonin and throw your sleep schedule out of whack.


Never skip your bedtime routine — even on weekends. Even if you don’t keep a strict bedtime every night, people of all ages benefit from a clear demarcation or a transitional period. Try to start your routine every night at about the same time during the week and over the weekend. Transition from more energizing activities to relaxing activities that can help you wind down.


Limit your caffeine intake after 12 noon. Soda, coffee or tea affects people differently, with the energizing effects lasting just a few hours for some or up to 10 or 12 hours for others. If you have caffeine later in the day, you might find that it keeps you too alert when you’re trying to fall asleep.


Don’t eat food or drink alcohol for a few hours before bedtime. Your body often ramps up activity in order to digest foods and metabolize alcohol. Eating or drinking too close to your bedtime can ruin sleep quality.

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