Looking for People?

Finish Planning. Start Doing.
Partner Well. Hire Right.

You’ve got dreams. Dreams of growing the business to a certain size, expanding your offerings, or extending your reach.


Go ahead. Finish the strategic plan and set your initiatives and action plans.

From there, why not start off with some flexibility? Shannon Staffing can provide you with the support you need to execute and to succeed. (If you’re unsure of how we can benefit you, read our brief overview, Introduction to Staffing and Recruiting.)

Workforce Flexibility

With a flexible workforce solution from Shannon Staffing — whether it’s Contract-to-Hire (evaluation assignment), Short-term or Long-term Contract Staffing (temporary employee), or Direct-Hire Recruiting (permanent placement) — you’ve got options to stage your investments into your business growth.


You’ve got challenges? We’ve got solutions!

As your Human Resource Solutions partner, Shannon Staffing will manage the costly and time-consuming employment responsibilities … whether you need to add a core team member or just temporarily need to add employees for a few days, a week, a month, a year, or even longer.
Connections to Talent


Gaining Strength. Adding Flexibility.

  • We manage the investment, cost, timing and risk of finding, evaluating, recruiting and managing talented people.
  • You benefit from having a specialized team designing and implementing the advertising, recruiting, screening, interviewing, evaluations, on-boarding, and for temporary employees, also disciplinary, unemployment and workers compensation activities.
  • All with the benefit of having the staffing and assigned temporary employees on our payroll – not yours.
  • You will work with a dedicated Workforce Solutions Expert to tailor a flexible plan to meet YOUR unique employment and recruiting needs. Personal attention, passionate expertise. No cookie-cutter approach here.
  • You can call us 24/7. So when you have an emergency, count on us to be there for you.


Envisioning Success. Realizing Dreams.


    You’re looking to add or replace a core member of your own team.
    But as you struggle to balance competing priorities, you simply don’t have the time, energy or resources to plan, perform and manage the grueling process.
    Call upon us to execute this priority on your behalf.

    Our disciplined, objective and time-tested Direct-Hire methodology helps clients reduce their “time to hire” and overall opportunity cost.

    We enable you to focus on other pressing objectives while we diligently work on this task. We manage everything — in collaboration with you, of course — from helping to determine the title, responsibilities and compensation, to marketing and promoting the opportunity, to evaluating and screening candidates and then setting up interview schedules and background checks, to helping negotiate the offer and terms of employment, to on-boarding the successful candidate … and everything in-between.



    Maybe you’ve found what looks like a solid candidate. But you aren’t sure yet if he or she is the “right one.”
    Or maybe you’d like to add to your core team with our expert help in advertising, evaluation and recruiting.
    You want to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person.
    A Temp-to-Hire solution can reduce your risk of a bad hire.

    You can add a candidate to your workforce who will work with you as OUR employee for a defined period of time. We serve as the Employer of Record.

    During that evaluation period, you can see how well he or she performs in your environment and with your existing team. And at the end of the evaluation period, you can make a clear decision as to whether you want to move that individual onto your own personnel roster. (And if it doesn’t work out, we effectively handle ending the assignment and all of the consequent follow-up activities.)



    You’ve got a great opportunity to grow because you’ve captured additional hot orders, landed a special project, or signed a new contract. But your team is overworked or under-resourced.
    Plus you’re uncertain as to whether this growth will be sustained long-term.
    Or maybe one of your core team members has suffered an illness or injury, or is going on vacation or sabbatical. You may know exactly how long he or she will be out … or maybe you don’t.
    Either way, you’ve got a hole to fill. We can help.

    You can add temporarily to your workforce with OUR employees. We serve as the Employer of Record.

    We provide well-screened candidates who can help you fulfill your mission and business objectives. And we can do so whether it’s for a few days, a few months, a year or even longer. Plus these same Shannon Staffing employees can serve as an excellent talent pool to draw from if you do determine that this new-found growth or employee absence IS permanent.

    • Prior to placement, each employee is screened through our application process and due diligence. We complete criminal background checks, conduct integrity surveys (for work ethic, poor attitudes and questionable behaviors), perform and manage interviews, oversee drug screenings and physical exams, and evaluate candidates’ skill sets, work histories and educational backgrounds for proper placement with clients.

  • Option 4: OUTPLACEMENT

    At times of poor individual performance or overall economic stress, employers often must make hard decisions.
    This sometimes involves cutting costs, reorganizing work or reducing staff.
    These decisions can be painful and wrenching, and this can introduce additional risk to your reputation and profitability.

    Through Outplacement Services, Shannon Staffing can assist you and affected employees during these hard times. We can work with individuals to help improve their candidacy for future employers and help them find their next position.

    By enabling these separated employees to move forward in their career trajectory, we bolster your reputation as a great place to work while reducing your long-term cost liability and litigation risk.



Contact us today for a personal conversation with your Shannon Staffing Solutions Manager.


Services We Can Perform on Behalf of Staffing and Recruiting Clients

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Screening and Reference Checking
  • Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Skills Testing and Qualifications Verification
  • Compensation Benchmarking
  • Quality Control Monitoring
  • New-Hire Orientation
  • Payroll Services and Tracking (incl. all withholdings and deposits)
  • Processing and Delivering W-2 Forms
  • Weekly Payroll and Invoicing
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Employee Benefits (incl. ACA reporting)
  • Payrolling Services
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Operational Excellence Audits (founded in Lean Six Sigma principles)
  • Extensive Customer Service
  • Outplacement and Resume Services