SCOUT Direct-Hire Recruiting Services

Matching Top Talent to Organizational Needs

The people on your team create a unique combination of skills and experiences that can generate Competitive Advantage.

Adding or replacing a core team member is, therefore, a high-risk, high-reward venture.


Too often, undisciplined New-Hire recruiting leads to great disappointment and early departure.

Some studies even suggest that over 50% of all New-Hires fail to meet the original expectations of the hiring manager!
The cost of mis-hiring can be staggering, often costing 3X the annual compensation of the person who represents a poor fit for your needs.


  • You’re looking for a superstar — a difference-maker — to add value to your efforts, one that will create COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE and drive PROFITABLE GROWTH.

  • But often, the necessary time, energy and attention this task requires from internal resources butts up against your team’s other competing urgencies and priorities. And so the critical recruiting efforts that can drive your long-term results often get short shrift.

  • Recruiting top performers is a unique challenge – it is labor-intensive, complex and intricate, requires a rare set of people skills, should leverage business expertise, and demands a clear understanding of the client’s objectives and culture.


Why not deploy the services of a specialized group — a reputable and successful staffing-and-recruiting firm — whose sole purpose and daily activity is to identify, evaluate, maintain contact with and recruit talented individuals and excellent performers?


At Shannon Staffing, our lead recruiters take on only a handful of SCOUT Direct-Hire assignments at a time, to give each opening the right and necessary amount of time, energy and attention that will lead to a successful and timely hire by you… one that will help drive strong performance and deliver on key objectives


  • Recruiting is just like any other business skill you hope to master, and greater volumes and higher frequency lead to increased opportunities and faster lessons learned.
  • Being good at recruiting (like being good at engineering, sales, marketing, etc.) requires focus, commitment, and a standardized process to optimize results.
  • We apply a disciplined approach and formalized framework to take the guesswork out of recruiting.
  • Instead of replying upon your own personal experience and gut instinct, we use a consistent, disciplined and successful methodology that is designed to minimize risk and improve outcomes.


SCOUT Direct Hire Recruiting Services

    • Strategic

      Focus your attention on key actions that will “move the needle,” and selectively deploy our help to recruit for those key roles which will drive overall performance

    • Comprehensive

      Collaboratively design and implement a recruiting-and-hiring plan which identifies the key competencies and personal attributes an individual needs to fully succeed at your organization

    • Objective

      Improve your hiring success by deploying our time-tested and disciplined methodology which identifies and evaluates all viable candidates thoroughly and objectively, and aims to eliminate untrustworthy ‘gut feelings’ from your hiring process

    • Underwritten

      Leverage the resources, training, expertise and experience of our recruiting specialists, who have placed thousands of individuals at clients and remain willing to stand behind their work

    • Timely

    • Generate performance improvement and advancement NOW, by timely adding key team members to capture opportunities when they present themselves to you, through the use of our dedicated specialists that remain 100% active in the ‘Market for Outstanding Talent’


Why risk financial, institutional or reputational capital by hiring the wrong person for a key role?

  • Leverage the resources of dedicated specialists whose job is to SCOUT for talent, every day.
  • Avoid poor hiring decisions generated from unknown objectives or moving targets.
  • Work collaboratively to identify key attributes truly needed to succeed in the role.
  • Apply the experience and expertise of professionals who can help you navigate avoidable risks.

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