You Have Questions…
Shannon Staffing Has the Answers…

How can I contact you if I need help?

When you need help, whether it’s an emergency or a basic question, call our local telephone number anytime, 24 hours a day — any day of the week — and talk to a real person! We are the ONLY local staffing company with this convenience. Our telephone answering service is available after business hours to take your urgent message and put you in touch with one of our professional staff.

How do I place a request or order for staffing assistance?

Please be prepared to answer specific questions regarding the assignment and any special skill level or expertise required. In addition to general information about the assignment, we will need to know the work schedule, dress code, length of assignment and compensation level.

The most important part of our job is to match our employees’ skills to YOUR needs, in order to make this a success for all parties. (Note that we adhere to all applicable employment laws and practices, and our code of ethics does not allow Shannon Staffing to honor any illegal or discriminatory requests.)

What information should I provide employee(s) you send to me?

Our employees should receive pertinent information regarding the assignment that will enable them to work successfully. In addition you should:

  1. introduce them to co-workers and their supervisor; show them the facilities (including restrooms and break areas), parking area, and where to store their personal belongings;
  2. be sure that the employees are briefed on required safety and emergency procedures; and
  3. ensure that they are aware of specific duties and responsibilities, what is expected of them, and communicate any changes in work to be performed.

Are there any restrictions in the duties we may assign the employee(s) you send to us?

Within the normal duties of the assignment and the employees’ abilities, you may ask anything of our employees that you would ask of your own employees, but with the following important exclusions:
a) having access to or handling cash, securities or other valuables;
b) driving any motorized vehicles;
c) operating heavy equipment;
d) climbing and using ladders.

To ensure appropriate placement, Shannon Staffing must approve — in writing — assigning our employee(s) to positions where one of the above duties would be performed as part of the assignment.

How are your employees paid and how am I billed?

Our employees are paid weekly. Employees are responsible for submitting a properly completed, signed and approved timecard to us for hours that they work each week. The client should carefully verify, approve and sign the timecard, as you will be billed for these approved hours. (You may also use your own approved weekly timesheet process in place of Shannon Staffing’s approved timecard.) Billing is based on the hours approved on the weekly timecard. When your assignment supervisor signs the timecard (or you send us your own weekly timesheet), as the client you are accepting responsibility to pay for the hours indicated. Please ensure accuracy before your representative approves the timecard.  Your weekly invoice is due and payable upon receipt.

Do your employees receive benefits?

Yes! Shannon Staffing employees have access to “the best benefits in the business” including weekly direct deposit; medical, drug, dental, vision, life and disability insurance; vacation-pay and holiday-pay bonuses; unemployment and workers’ compensation coverage; employee discounts; and a 401(k) retirement savings plan. Employees may also be eligible for new-hire and employee-referral bonuses as well as other recognition and appreciation awards.

We need your help for only a couple of hours… is that a problem?

We guarantee our employees at least four (4) hours of minimum work per assignment. This is actually one of the ways we ensure that we can send you the best employee available. That means when we pay the employee for four (4) hours, you will receive an equivalent invoice for those approved hours.

What alternative do I have if your employee is not working out?

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen very often. We will want to hear about this promptly, understand and discuss the situation candidly with you, and take appropriate corrective action as discreetly, quickly and smoothly as possible. It may take something as simple as corrective guidance with the employee or it may mean looking to find a suitable employee replacement. Either way, your Staffing Solutions Manager will work diligently to address these situations satisfactorily.

What should I do if your employee is injured on the job?

To help ensure that this doesn’t happen, our staff may visit the work location prior to the beginning of the assignment, to familiarize themselves with any potential hazards. As the client, by law you are required to include the employee in any on-site safety training that you conduct (and to include any such events in your incident logs). However, we realize that accidents do occasionally happen.

In such an event, please call Shannon Staffing immediately when an injury or accident occurs, even if you think the injury is only minor. Immediate treatment should be sought at the local emergency room, when necessary. You will be asked to complete an injury report soon after an accident.

As the employer, Shannon Staffing is responsible for all matters relating to workers’ compensation claims. Your prompt notification of an injury requiring treatment will help ensure proper claims procedures are followed and that drug and alcohol testing is completed in accordance with our Substance Abuse Policy and protocols.

May I hire one (or more) of your employees on a permanent basis?

Many businesses have found that a core of ‘client employees’ supplemented by a protective ring of ‘Shannon Staffing employees’ is the most effective method to insulate businesses from high employment costs including devastating layoffs.

However, when the time comes to add ‘permanent (or regular) employees,’ observing our employees on assignment with you is an excellent opportunity to conduct a “working interview.” You may find just the right match for your open positions. We have many options available to meet your short-term and long-term hiring needs, including Direct-Hire, Contract Conversion and Temp-to-Hire solutions.

Please contact us for more information on staffing solutions tailored to YOUR needs.