Selection Process

Shannon Staffing uses a proven five-step process to match the client and our employee. Contact us today to explore your options!


1. Deep Conversation and Defined Scope

  • You know your business best … its strengths, its needs, its opportunities, its culture.
  • And, from more than 30 years of experience, we know Staffing and Recruiting.
  • Our initial discussions are terrific opportunities to tell us exactly what you want to accomplish, what “success” and “the ideal candidate” look like, and the unique aspects about you and your enterprise.
  • At an early stage, we may make a detailed on-site visit to learn even more about your specific needs and circumstances.


2. Disciplined Employee Evaluation

  • We pride ourselves on finding and matching terrific talent with world-class organizations of all sizes.
  • Each employee undergoes an extensive assessment that may include skills testing, interviews, work and education reference checks, criminal background checks, physical examinations, drug screenings, client-specific evaluations, and workplace behavior and safety orientations.
  • Combined with the information you have given us about the assignment, this helps to ensure that our employee will be effective and productive for you.


3. Assignment Request

  • We will work diligently with you to scope and define the roles and responsibilities in new assignments for employees.
  • Our dedicated team aims to thoroughly understand your parameters that define “success.”
  • And to remain responsive to your needs, we remain available 24/7 to handle emergency situations and other issues that may need attention.


4. Quality Control

  • Every client is unique.
  • We tailor our client contact to your preferences, and can conduct initial-day calls and weekly check-ins at your request.
  • Upon request, we can deliver customized analyses and reports that support your business decision-making.


5. Continuous Improvement Review

  • Continuous improvement opportunities lead to closer ties, better relationships, and stronger organizations.
  • During and after an assignment, we encourage candid conversations to discuss areas where you do not feel “fully satisfied” with an employee’s documented on-the-job performance or our handling of your account.


In Central Ohio, business works with Shannon Staffing … and has done so successfully for over 30 years.

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