Knowing the right way to prepare for a job fair can help you land the next great job on your career path.

Career Fair

Whether you’re seeking your first job or your sixth job, attending a career fair is a smart plan for marketing yourself to potential employers.

Forget reviewing hundreds of online ads or spending countless hours filling out applications and emailing resumes! Career fairs allow you to get out for the day, dress professionally, and help you practice selling yourself, which can be an excellent way to increase your self-confidence.

Knowing how to effectively prepare for a career fair means you’ll stand out from other attendees and ultimately find your next great career role.

Follow these steps to make the most of every job fair you attend:

  1. Review the list of who will be attending. This will allow you to be able to research the companies ahead of time. Learning tidbits of information is an impressive way to show the hiring manager that you are serious about joining their team.
  2. Customize your resume. While researching the attendees, gather information such as the contact info, job description details, and even the HR manager’s name. This will again show the hiring manager that you are willing to go the extra mile and are detail-oriented.
  3. Prepare to sell yourself. Develop a sales pitch (what some call an elevator pitch) to the question, “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” By rehearsing what you want to say, you can tailor your pitch to meet the needs of the position while not stumbling through and wasting time.
  4. Ask for a business card. Once you are finished with your discussion, politely ask the hiring manager for his or her business card. This will allow you to follow up about the position and also provide you an opportunity to send out another copy of your resume.
  5. Dress for success. Even though a career fair might seem like it would be less formal, you should still dress as if you are going to an interview. This is essentially the first contact you are making with the company, so be sure to make a great first impression.
  6. Dress for Success

    By following these steps at your next career fair, you will engage yourself in a professional atmosphere and give yourself an excellent chance of landing that next great job!

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