Offering an Employee a Promotion

Being able to give your employee a promotion is a great feeling for everyone involved. The employee feels rewarded for their hard work, and managers feel that they have succeeded at leading their employee to the next step in their career.

However, there are many considerations to offering a promotion, such as whether the employee is really the best fit for the new role or whether there is room for promotion within the company at all, even if they are worthy.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 8 out of every 10 companies fails to make the right person ‘manager.’ That mistake can have highly detrimental effects to any organization. That’s why it’s important to get it right the first time by evaluating an employee’s skill set, their effectiveness at their current position, and their potential for further growth.

Think carefully about the following traits when considering someone for promotion:

Ability to Prioritize and Meet Deadlines
  • 1. The ability to prioritize and meet deadlines

    Getting things done in a timely and efficient manner is a skill that can’t be overlooked. An employee who is constantly checking off their to-do list despite how challenging the tasks are, and then pushing their own personal boundaries without being prompted to, is a great indicator that they are ready to take on even more.

  • 2. A positive attitude

    No matter how hard-working your employee may be, if they don’t have a positive attitude, you might want to reconsider a promotion. The manager on the team sets the mood for the team to follow, and giving off a negative energy will only serve to disengage your employees.

  • 3. Works well with others

    Being a team player is also very important when considering promoting an employee. Teamwork is one of the fundamentals of success in the workforce, so they should work with them on a consistent basis, creating and establishing a working relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

  • Putting the Company's Interest Ahead of Your Own
  • 4. Always puts the companies best interest ahead of their own

    With great power comes great responsibility. Moving up on the ladder is less about ‘the employee as an individual’ and more about ‘the organization at large.’ A promotion should only be handed out to those who understand promotion as an upward movement within the company, for the company, not just as a personal milestone to cross off their bucket list.

  • By looking for these traits within your employee, you will be able to find a hardworking, team player to promote, who will help the company succeed.

    (written by: Whitney)

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