Speed to Market
Have you ever had to put a terrific idea “on hold” because you didn’t have the resources to implement it properly? Maybe you had an unique market opportunity, a wonderful new product idea or a terrific new service extension that simply had to be placed “on the back burner” because you lacked the right people to execute it well and create a sustainable advantage.

Here’s how to keep pace in today’s fast-paced economy and maximize your ability to react to rapidly changing market conditions … without committing to new and large fixed expenses or over-staffing your business.


    Fast Learning
  • 1. Shorten the Learning Curve

  • Temporary staffing employees, contract workers and flexible workforce members now offer a variety of skill levels as well as deep professional and technical expertise. These highly skilled individuals can be used to teach new skills within your organization and reduce the learning curve … often at costs far less than those of expensive consultants.


    Test New Ideas
  • 2. Test New Ideas

  • Before committing to increasing your core, permanent staff levels to implement a new concept, product or service, bring in temporary staffing or contract workers to support or test out your idea, either in a pilot study or a secondary test market. These individuals may supply their expertise to be directly involved in working on a special project, or they can be used to fill in (“back fill”) for core subject-matter employees who are assigned to develop and work on the new concept.


    Solving the Puzzle for Finding New Revenue Streams
  • 3. Bring in New Business

  • Temporary staffing employees or contract workers can help build your business by working on marketing and sales campaigns, through telemarketing or direct mail or even by staffing locations for on-site operational or retail support. These skilled and trained individuals can work alongside your current employees without distracting them from their core duties.


    Access to Talent
  • 4. Improve Access to Talent

  • Partnering with a staffing-and-recruiting firm can offer you access to more skills faster than if you tried to create a team from scratch. Staffing firms access the recruitment-and-talent-management market every day. When you are looking for a direct addition to your staff, we can provide an “assignment employee” to fill in, until the right person can be identified and recruited. And in many cases, that ‘right individual’ might even be the assignment employee herself!


Leverage the availability of outside resources on a cost-effective basis to move forward on new opportunities, before your competition gains a defensible foothold.


(written by: Nelson)

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