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Thousands of people have found Shannon Staffing to be a great choice when seeking employment, whether looking for a temporary job or a rewarding long-term career.


    Since 1985, as a leading staffing-and-recruiting firm that is well-respected in our community, we’ve worked with numerous organizations to provide a variety of opportunities in attractive positions:

    …Office & Administrative
    …Industrial & Warehouse
    …Managerial & Executive


    Shannon Staffing offers employment opportunities with some of the best companies in Central Ohio… we offer access to a wide variety of positions, often roles that you may not be able to find publicly nor access on your own.

      • We place hundreds of people in short-term, long-term, part-time and full-time positions … each and every month.
      • Some of our clients ask us to help find, attract and recruit Direct-Hire candidates, where you move directly onto the personnel roster of the client as a core team member or “regular employee.”
      • Others like to evaluate new employees before they make a long-term commitment, and individuals serve as Shannon Staffing employees that are “assigned” to a specific client, as Assignment Employees or Temporary Staff.
      • Some of our “temporary” or “contract” employees move on to attain “regular-employee” status with the organizations where they’ve completed assignments, through Temp-to-Hire conversion, either by initial design or from recognition of strong personal performance.



    Recruiting and Evaluation Process for Direct-Hire Candidates

    Our employer-clients trust Shannon Staffing to identify, screen and recruit talented individuals to fill critical roles on their core teams, such as Product Engineers, Financial Analysts, Marketing Managers, Sales Leaders, Project Managers, Executive Assistants and similar roles.

    If you’d like to have a confidential conversation about your background and interests, follow this link to start the process!


    Employment Process for Assignment Employees (“Temporary Staff”)

    Working with Shannon Staffing as an Assignment Employee provides you with attractive employment while giving you opportunities to work with varied employers, to learn and apply new skills, and to gain valuable experience across industries.

    Still need more clarity? Let us help SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT with this piece addressing common myths and misunderstandings about Temporary Staffing Services.


    Shannon Staffing uses a seven-step employment process from application to assignment for Temporary Staffing. We want the entire process to be simple, stress-free, efficient and effective for the employee-candidate, our employer-client and us.

      • Application
      • Testing
      • Interview
      • Orientation
      • Documentation
      • Reference and Screening
      • Weekly Timecard and Payroll

      1. APPLICATION – You can apply on-line or in-person at your Shannon Staffing office or local-area hiring event. The following are normally part of the application process:

      • Resume
      • Past employer information for references
      • Copies of any certifications
      • Educational documentation
      • Drug screen

      Additionally, you should note that a criminal background check will be completed. For many manufacturing-related roles, you may be required to undergo a physical exam.
      2. TESTING – General and job-specific skills evaluations may be completed depending on assignment requirements, your skill level, and interests.
      3. INTERVIEW – Each candidate undergoes a personal interview before being considered for an assignment, to ensure that we meet the client’s needs and your career goals.
      4. ORIENTATION – Once you are hired, additional state- and federally-required forms will be completed. You must be able to provide proof of identity and employment eligibility. You will complete Shannon Staffing’s safety and general orientations as well as any client-specific orientation before being assigned and sent to a client.
      5. DOCUMENTATION – We will take additional time to make sure that you sign and understand all of the required forms you’ll fill out, and ensure that your employment file is complete.
      6. REFERENCE and SCREENING – Past employers will be contacted for employment references plus driving records and criminal background checks may be completed before you are sent on an assignment. As a drug-free employer, we conduct pre- and re-employment drug screens, as well as random checks during your time of employment.
      7. WEEKLY TIMECARD and PAYROLL – Timecards will be reviewed with you before an assignment. To ensure that you are paid promptly, it is your responsibility to submit client-approved timecards in a timely manner. As a Shannon Staffing employee, you will enjoy the benefit and convenience of weekly direct deposit.


    Our Staffing Professionals are available to answer questions about the staffing-and-recruiting process, our areas of focus and your unique qualifications.

    Please feel free to CONTACT US with these inquiries.