Q: I’m ready to leave my employer, move on from my current position, and start a new role elsewhere. How should I handle this with my boss?

Graceful Exit

A: Most people dread the prickly conversation when choosing to resign from a company. Is there a graceful way to turn this uncomfortable situation into a positive experience?

The answer is YES!

With just a little bit of preparation, you can exit gracefully, and still leave the door open for future opportunities.

The first step is to PREPARE to explain. Before the meeting, prepare what you want to say and why you are leaving. Maybe it’s a new opportunity, a shorter commute, or simply a better fit for yourself and your family. Either way, being prepared will help you convey your message in a clear, positive and concise manner.

The second step is to SCHEDULE a private conversation. Here you can explain your reason for leaving the company. But remember to keep it short and to the point. Always stay positive by letting them know you appreciate what you have learned. Avoid being negative by alleging mistreatment or complaining about coworkers.

Your boss will appreciate the courtesy you provide, including any offer to work a short notice period in order to help transition your tasks and responsibilities.

Remember, the goal is for you to leave on a positive note, building bridges and not burning them. You just may need to cross that bridge again in the future!

(written by: WC)

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