There are multiple phases of the job search process. Besides the initial contact a recruiter makes with you and the actual interview itself, there is the post-interview phase. During this time, it’s vital that you do everything possible to stand out among competitors and persuade your interviewer to hire you. While some people may consider a thank-you note to be somewhat antiquated, it’s still a highly effective way to increase your chances of getting the job.

According to job search expert, Amanda Augustine, “based on my decade-long experience in conducting interviews, I can attest first-hand that failure to follow up can be the deciding factor in rejecting a candidate who is otherwise a great fit.”

Here are some reasons why a thank-you note is so important.

Position Yourself Ahead of the Competition

In many cases, an interviewer will meet with several job applicants and have a stack of resumes to scan through. As a result, it’s easy to get lost in the mix and looked over. Even if you had a successful job interview, a busy recruiter may forget you in a sea of other applicants.

Sending a thank-you note is a polite way to express your gratitude for the opportunity, and serves as a subtle reminder of your credentials. If it’s a toss up between you and another job candidate, this simple act can put you ahead of the competition.

Prove Your Enthusiasm

Interviewers tend to prefer candidates who are passionate about a position because they’re likely to be more productive and better employees in general. Sending a thank-you note is a great way to show that you have a genuine interest in the job and want nothing more than to be a part of a company. This should reflect well on you, and an interviewer should admire your enthusiasm.

Remind an Interviewer of Your Strengths 

While your abilities and credentials may be fresh in a interviewer’s mind right after your interview, they may fade after awhile. But by sending a thank-you note, you can show your courtesy while simultaneously refreshing their memory of your strengths. It’s basically a way to promote yourself in a different format.

Elaborate on Your Credentials

If you forgot to give an interviewer a key piece of information or need to elaborate on a certain point, a thank-you note is the perfect time to clarify things. Whether it’s going into more detail about a specific skill that’s pertinent to the position, or mentioning a relevant project that you forgot to touch on, this provides a nice opportunity to explain why you’re someone worth hiring.

Although a thank-you note only takes a few minutes to write, it can have a big impact and increase the likelihood that you get hired. Not only does it show that you’re thoughtful, it’s an effective marketing tool that should make you more appealing to interviewers. For more advice on landing a great job, check out our job search tips.


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