Q. In a world of 24x7x365 communications, does email etiquette truly matter when it comes to looking for a job?

A. YES! Email etiquette is a real thing, especially when looking for new employment. Why knock yourself out of contention with things that you can easily control? Misspellings, bad grammar, awkward email addresses (“”), too-casual a tone (“c u soon!”), and unprofessional attachments (cat videos) can get you taken off of the top-candidates list. (Save all of those for your friends!) These problem areas suggest that if you are careless with your emails, you might be just as careless when you have to send out a key report, meet with customers, or deliver a critical part.

When I started out as a staffing coordinator, I expected to see candidates with well-written resumes, prompt and professional follow-ups, and sincere attention to the requirements listed in the job posting. What we too often see are unprofessional text-like emails, incomplete applications, extremely personal email addresses, and missing contact information.

In the hopes that you don’t want to conduct yourself in this manner, let’s review some email etiquette guidelines.

1) Set up a professional email address. Nothing too personal.
2) Use a subject line, and base the content of your email around it. (And avoid using too many exclamation points or all-capital letters…It looks like YOU ARE SHOUTING!!!)
3) Check your email properties (fonts, colors, backgrounds, signature line, media, etc.) and make sure they are professional.
4) Treat every email in a formal and professional manner. No matter how informal the staffing coordinator or hiring manager may be in your conversations, never treat the email as a text.
5) Apply with a formatted, PDF version of your resume. This will show the hiring team that you are serious about the position.

Take it from a professional staffing coordinator; not having proper email etiquette creates a lasting impression that can tarnish even the best of resumes and candidates.

Put your best foot forward, in every communication!

(written by: wc)

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