As the pace of change quickens, the world of work has adjusted as well. At certain stages of your career, it makes a lot of sense to pursue different paths in gaining employment.

Statistic: Over 3 million people find jobs in temporary roles in any given week


Temporary work – sometimes labeled temporary staffing, contingent workforce positions, project work, or contract assignments – offers a surprising number of benefits to job seekers who find themselves in a transition or “in-between” phase of their careers.

Here are five reasons to consider taking a “temp” position:

  • 1. You can try out different work environments

  • Temporary positions give you the opportunity to see how multiple businesses operate from the inside. Every office or workplace is unique. As a temp, you will have the opportunity to see several different employer-organizations. You’ll get a chance to determine what kind of corporate culture, management style and physical environment you most enjoy working in. Self-knowledge can be very valuable.


    Graphic: Learn many new skills through temporary work
  • 2. Temp jobs can teach you new skills

  • Learn something new from every role, career coaches say. A particular temporary job may not line up **exactly** with your planned career trajectory, but it can serve as an opportunity to learn new skills and apply them to new experiences. If you’ve been in the same field for a while, there’s a chance your skill set has gotten a little stale. A temp position’s new responsibilities can help you learn new processes, workflows and ways of thinking.


  • 3. You can grow your professional network

  • Many career advisors reiterate that one of the best ways to find your next role is to leverage the connections you have made throughout your lifetime. One way to accelerate your career is to make connections with other professionals. Job seekers often say that networking is difficult and time-consuming. A temporary job gives you the ability to grow your network, secure professional references and earn money, all at once. Even if the temp position isn’t something you want to do long term, you can make the most of the opportunity by forging professional relationships that will benefit your career in the long run – with colleagues, supervisors, the recruiter and others you make contact with.


  • 4. Temp jobs don’t always remain temporary

  • In today’s fast-paced business environment, many decision-makers like to “try before they buy.” A job that begins as a temporary assignment can turn into a permanent position. (And, if you’re worried that you won’t get enough hours at a temporary job, you can work with your recruiter to find contracts that offer more appropriate hours. There is such a variety in the type of work that is available from a staffing agency that several positions will likely meet your requirements.)


  • 5. You can gain an important ally

  • Many job seekers may resist temporary work because they worry that they’ll just hop from assignment to assignment, never finding a permanent home. Furthermore, temporary work often comes with certain stigmas and mis-perceptions – “lower pay, no benefits, and perhaps being treated as less than your direct-hire colleagues.” This is where working with a quality, reputable staffing agency can be highly beneficial. Many agencies offer benefits, helping to fill the gaps that a temporary position cannot provide. And when you find temporary work through a staffing agency, you not only gain access to many new opportunities, you gain a long-term relationship with your recruiter that can offer you long-term benefits. It’s always in the staffing agency’s best interests to help ultimately match the perfect candidate with the right organization.


(written by: Donna)

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