Your resume is one of the first things that employers and recruiters look at. When done correctly, it can help you get your foot in the door. When done incorrectly, you may never get a chance at all. Here are some guidelines for writing a light industrial resume that will impress employers and recruiters and hopefully land you an interview.

Focus on Aesthetics

The goal of a resume is to quickly grab the attention of whoever is looking at it. Consequently, it should be visually appealing, well organized and easy to skim. That’s why it’s smart to use a resume template on software like Microsoft Word or something similar. These come pre-designed and look attractive without you having to start from scratch.

Use a common font that’s clear and easy to read such as Arial, Tahoma or Times New Roman. For size, it’s usually best to stick with 11 or 12 for regular text and slightly larger like 14 for sub-headers. Be sure to leave spaces or insert line breaks to separate information logically. Use short sentences and break down lists with bullets to make information easily digestible.

Adjust the Sequence of Job Skills

The specific skills an employer is looking for can differ depending upon the light industrial job you’re applying for in East Central Ohio. Accordingly, you shouldn’t view your resume as one-size-fits-all, and make adjustments before sending it in. If you use Microsoft Word, this won’t be a problem because you can go back and make any necessary changes.

For example, if an employer is looking for someone with extensive experience with assembly work and inventory control, you would want to move these job skills to the top and your other skills toward the bottom. Basically, you want to place an emphasis on the most relevant job skills.

Include Achievements and Accomplishments

Because employers and recruiters are often bombarded with dozens or even hundreds of candidates, it’s crucial that your resume stands out. An effective way to separate yourself from the pack is to list relevant achievements and accomplishments to prove that you’re the one for the job. Maybe you were employee of the year or received a special promotion at your last job. Whatever it may be, make sure to highlight it in your resume.

Keep it Short and Simple

Finally, you want to cover your strengths and why you would make a great employee in one page. According to Jennifer Brooks, senior associate director of the MBA Career Management Center at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, “ideally, your resume should be one page, because recruiters and managers have short attention spans.” Be sure to get right to the point, and focus on what’s truly important without going overboard with extraneous details.

When it comes to writing your resume, remember to:

  • Keep it clean, organized and visually appealing.
  • Rearrange your job skills as needed.
  • Point out your previous achievements.
  • Keep it brief, and focus on key information.

Following these steps should help you create a light industrial resume that employers and recruiters will love. Click here to learn more about finding work in Mt. Vernon and surrounding areas.


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