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Is Taking a Promotion the Right Move … or a Move in the Wrong Direction?

Getting a Promotion

Getting a promotion is one of the holy grails of modern careers. It’s the post-college report card. It gives employees an ambitious goal and a solid reason to work harder. And it usually comes with more money – and also more responsibility.

Your first reaction to the promotion offer is that this could be the job you have been waiting for. Doesn’t everyone want to climb the corporate ladder? However on closer inspection, you may have some apprehension about taking the promotion. Will this be a mistake for you professionally – and maybe even personally? Will turning it down be a career misstep? How can you decide which direction to take?

Do Your Due Diligence

Do your due diligence

  • Familiarize yourself with the circumstances surrounding your new offer. Determine if you are setting yourself up for failure. Investigate why the position is currently open. Look into what happened with the previous person in the role. Is there excessive turnover in this position? What red flags exist surrounding this position?
  • If you will be getting a new boss with the promotion, inquire about his or her temperament. Will this boss be an asset for you, or is he or she known for being difficult to work with?
  • Ask to review a job description or an overview of the new role. If the job description is vague, take note, because this can cause confusion later on if the roles and responsibilities are not clearly defined. What are the ways your performance and achievements will get measured?

You want to carefully assess every aspect of the promotion because it’s hard to go back once you accept the position.

Take control
It’s very important to focus on the things you can control when it pertains to your professional development. Focus on sharpening your expertise and strengthening your network in order to have a competitive edge once a promotion does present itself. Essentially, we are powerless when it comes to the promotion process. Who is promoted, when they are promoted, and how much the pay will increase will vary wildly based upon external factors that you simply cannot control. The only thing truly within your own control is your reaction to these events.

In the end, think long and hard about the promotion you are offered.

This could work out to be your dream job! Or maybe it’s just not the right time for you to accept. Either way, by keeping an open mind and carefully assessing the situation, you will have a better understanding of what lies ahead for you and your future.

(written by: wc)

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