Impressing a recruiter and getting your foot in the door for a job is heavily reliant upon professionalism. Give the impression that you’re professional with all of your ducks in a row, and it’s going to help your chances. Give the impression that you’re immature and don’t have your life together, then it’s going to have the reverse effect. With that being said, let’s look at four types of professional communication that can benefit you as a job candidate.

Voice Mail

If a recruiter reaches your voicemail and you have a ridiculous sounding message jam-packed packed with slang, it’s going to be a poor reflection on you. Even if you’re just being fun and playful with your voice mail, it’s doubtful that a recruiter will take you seriously, and it can kill your chances of getting hired. That’s why it’s so important to record a professional-sounding message, and save the humor for another occasion.


A ringtone is a nice way to personalize your phone and showcase your unique personality. That’s why more and more people are downloading custom songs and jingles to express themselves. When it comes to choosing a ringtone, you need to be careful, because the wrong one could quickly make you look unprofessional, and recruiters may think twice about hiring you. For example, you’re probably better off going with a generic ring tone or a Mozart song – rather than a recent pop or hip-hop chart topper.

Email Address

Although landing a job may not be on your mind when you’re coming up with an email address, it’s important to give it plenty of thought because of the impact it can have on a recruiter’s opinion of you. You should select a simple, easy-to-read email address that is professional. For example, “” is a good email address.

Email Signature

An email signature can provide recruiters with a lot of information about you in just a few lines. If you create a professional signature, it can make it easier for recruiters to contact you and explain a bit about your skill set. Here’s some information you should include:

  • Your name in a larger font
  • Phone number
  • A catchy tagline (e.g. Tax Accountant: In taxing times, count on me.)
  • Links to professional social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter

Putting some thought into your email signature can catch the eye of recruiters, and make you more likely to stand out over other applicants who simply sign their name.

When it comes to professional communication, it’s often the little things that can have the biggest impact. By paying attention to these details and adjusting them accordingly, you should be able to win recruiters over and have them take you more seriously. In turn, this increases your chances of landing the job you’re looking for.

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